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Comprehensive Credit Reports $15.95, Experian Credit Reports include a free Fico Risk Score and a Social Security Search. Joint reports are an extra $5 for married couples with the same last name. All three credit bureaus are not the same. Some have more data than others so we use the largest, Experian, so our customers get the best! Always use the same business practices that mortgage companies, apartment complexes and all big lenders use by evaluating your prospective tenant’s credit history. Unfortunately, in the past, landlords used to decide on a tenant based on a personal interview. We hear stories every day about how ‘nice’ a tenant appeared to be so the landlord rented to them….now they are calling us for help because the tenant won’t pay and will not return their calls. You cannot judge whether or not a person can pay their bills simply on emotions and first impressions. Mortgage companies would never grant a loan without first pulling a credit report, no matter how nice one 'seems'.

One way to know for sure that your next tenant will pay their rent on time is to review their current payment habits. People who have built up their credit want to maintain a good credit score and have the ‘grades’ to prove it. if you choose to become a member of our association, you can report any delinquencies to the credit bureau giving your tenant even more incentive to pay you on time to keep their good credit.

Eviction Reports $5.95, We use one of the largest eviction databases in the United States, updated continuously Check to see if your prospective tenant has ever been evicted. A previous eviction is an important indicator of a ‘high risk renter’. We use one of the largest eviction databases in the United states that is updated regularly with the most current public records available online.
Criminal Reports $7.95 for members and $12.95 for non-members, Nationwide criminal reports instantly. We pull our records from the largest criminal database in the United States. Check your prospective tenant’s criminal records before you rent. You don’t want a criminal in your home. Check your state laws for renting to persons with a criminal history. Our national database contains over 17 million criminal records. Most records date back to at least 10 years and are updated regularly. Check criminal and sex offender registries instantly through the National Association of Independent Landlords.
Full Background Search $29.95, Full Background Searches include an Experian Credit Report, Social Search, Risk Score, Previous Rental History and Employment and Income History. A joint report for a married couple is an additional $5. Verify your prospective tenant’s income and rental history, or have us do it for you with a Full Background Search. Just because someone’s credit is good does not mean they will be able to pay your rent if their rent to income ratio is not proportional. Furthermore, many rental histories are falsified on a rental application so make sure you are validating their rental history with ‘real’ previous landlord.
Pre-Qualification Response $15.95, Take the guess work out of choosing a tenant and let the experts pre-qualify your tenant for you. Save time and money and bypass the onsite inspection. Get instant decisions on prospective tenants without waiting for an onsite inspection. Just let us know what criteria you are willing to accept for your prospective tenant (such as number of bankruptcies, delinquencies, debt to *stated income ratio, rent to stated income ratio, fico scores and many more. OR, take the guess work out of choosing a tenant and let the experts pre-qualify your tenant based on our years of experience. We use the same standards the banking industries use to predict an individuals ability to make their payments on time. Call us for more information at 1-800-352-3395.

You may use our services as a member or a non-member. A $5 set up fee applies to all first time non-members. Follow these easy steps:

Send us your Subscriber Agreement online, or call us at 1-800-352-3395 to request a copy of the Subscriber Agreement in pdf format and fax it to us at 1-800-352-4588.
Send us your supporting documents, listed on the Subscriber Agreement, by fax at 1-800-352-4588, or email at us
Decide if you want to receive full credit reports or Pre-Qualification Responses. Pre-Qualification Responses can be received during normal business hours if you have sent in your Subscriber Agreement and supporting documents. To obtain a Pre-Qualification Response please fax us your rental application signed by your prospective tenant authorizing a credit report to 1-800-352-4588, or email your request to Please specify all services you would like to order, example, criminal, eviction, etc. Please make sure your prospective tenant has filled out their complete address, including city, state, and zip on the application.
If you would like to obtain full credit reports instantly, 24 hours a day, you must request an onsite inspection- now required by federal law. You may request an onsite inspection by checking the box agreeing to an onsite on your Subscriber Agreement, or send us an email at The cost is $52 for all states, (except Nevada is $98.00).
We will call you with an online password and user name to pull your reports online when you have passed your onsite, or we will fax back your results if you have requested Pre-Qualification Responses, Criminal Records, Eviction Records or a Full Background Search. Please note, rental and employment history checks may take several business days depending on how quickly the previous landlords and employers respond to our verifications.
Please include your full name and return fax number if you are requesting services by fax.

Call Us Now: 1-800-352-3395  or  Email to:
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